Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift in the East Bay | Dental Implant Surgeon DanvilleSinus lifts are performed when the sinus floor needs to be elevated to create enough space for dental implants in the upper jaw, ensuring a stable foundation for implant placement. Undergoing sinus lift surgery has been shown to greatly increase the chances for successful implants on the upper jaw that can last for years to come.

The key to a successful, long-lasting dental implant is the quantity of jawbone to which a dental implant surgeon will attach the implant. If you have experienced bone loss because of injury or periodontal disease, sinus augmentation treatment at Diablo Valley Implant Dentistry in Danville can lift the sinus floor and allow for the new formation of bone.

Sinus lifts are one of the most common bone grafting procedures for patients throughout the East Bay and Bay Area who experience bone loss in the upper jaw. The treatment seeks to grow bone on the floor of the maxillary sinus, which is above the bony ridge of the gum line and anchors your teeth in the upper jaw. Completing this procedure lets the dental implant surgeon place and secure the dental implants to the new bone growth.

Candidates For A Sinus Lift

Patients who meet the criteria below may be good candidates for a sinus lift:

  • Missing a significant amount of bone in the back of the jaw
  • If you have two or more missing teeth in the back of your jaw
  • Majority of maxillary teeth are missing
  • Missing teeth because of a condition or congenital disability

Sinus Lift Process

To determine if you are an ideal candidate for a sinus lift, you will need to call Diablo Valley Implant Dentistry in Danville to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Anthony Lizano will examine the overall health of your teeth, review your prior medical history, and determine what treatment options best suit your specific needs.

Suppose our advanced trained oral surgeon determines you are a good candidate for a sinus lift, in that case, Dr. Lizano can take several approaches to raise the sinus. One of the most common approaches involves an incision to expose the bone. Next, our Danville oral surgeon will cut a small circle, which they will lift into the cavity. Once properly lifted, the doctor will fill the area beneath it with the graft. Once this step is complete, Dr. Lizano will fill the area, and the incision is closed to begin healing. It will typically take four to twelve months to heal and develop bone, after which the dental implants are ready to be placed.

Schedule A Sinus Lift Consultation

Contact Diablo Valley Implant Dentistry at (925) 838-1109 to schedule a sinus lift consultation. Our board certified dental implant surgeon, Dr. Anthony Lizano performs sinus lift surgery for patients from Danville, Alamo, San Ramon and throughout the East Bay and Bay Area.