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Conscious IV Sedation

Conscious IV Sedation Danville | Dental Implant Surgeon in DanvilleConscious IV sedation is an alternative to minimal sedation that allows you to stay awake but comfortable and relaxed. Patients who have dental anxiety choose IV sedation to take away some of the fear they have of dental treatments. Our board-certified dental implant surgeon in Danville, Dr. Anthony Lizano, will combine oral sedation with a local anesthetic so you have little to no discomfort. Our team at Diablo Valley Implant Dentistry recommends that you plan to have someone drive you to your dental appointment and be available to drive you home following treatment.

During your consultation or before your appointment, we’ll discuss your options for anesthesia. It’s also important to note that sedation is always paired with local anesthesia, which ensures that you’re both relaxed and comfortable throughout your procedure. Conscious Sedation offers a safe and effective method to help patients relax and feel at ease during dental implant procedures, reducing anxiety and discomfort. IV sedation allows patients to be in a deeply relaxed, sleepy state, but the patient will remain conscious and able to communicate with our team. Dr. Anthony Lizano and our team have extensive training in the safe administration and monitoring of this type of sedation.

Benefits Of Conscious IV Sedation

Deep Relaxation and Comfortability: IV sedation is the highest form of conscious sedation a patient can receive. It will put you in a relaxing and semi-conscious state. However, you will not be “out cold” and can respond and react to verbal commands. Most patients in the Bay Area feel calm and relaxed and will nap lightly through their appointments!

Rapid Effects: Conscious IV sedation takes effect fast, unlike other forms of sedation (like oral sedation), which can take over an hour to feel relaxed and comfortable. Sedation issued intravenously reaches your brain immediately, and there’s no lag to you feeling comfortable and stress-free.

Highly Customizable: IV sedation is entirely customizable to your specific needs. Since we administer it intravenously, our Diablo Valley Implant Dentistry team has complete control over the amount of sedation the patient receives, so they’ll be comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free throughout your entire process.

Quick Recovery: The effects will slowly wear off once the medical professional stops administering IV sedation. You will still need someone to drive you home after your dental surgery, as you likely will still experience lingering drowsiness while the sedation clears from your bloodstream. Conscious sedation recovers patients to a normal state faster than if you took anti-anxiety medication.

What is the difference between Oral and Conscious IV Sedation?

Oral sedation refers to sedative drugs that you take in the form of pills that make a patient feel drowsy and sleepy. This type of sedation is appropriate for individuals who have difficulty getting numb, those who need extensive treatment, or those who have been hesitant to complete treatment plans in the past. Oral sedation gives patients a feeling of deep physical and psychological relaxation.

IV sedation is true conscious sedation, and we recommend it for patients who require multiple procedures in the course of a single office visit or who suffer from dental phobias or extreme anxiety. Our advanced trained implant surgeon, Dr. Lizano, will administer a quick-acting sedative intravenously and monitor your blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse, and respiratory rate. You will remain conscious throughout IV sedation.