Multiple Teeth


Multiple Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth affect far more than just your appearance. They also impact you when you talk and your ability to chew correctly. In addition, you are at a greater risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and other serious complications. Consider dental implants for a permanent solution for your missing teeth. These strong and durable titanium posts allow permanent stability and other benefits. At Diablo Valley Implant Dentistry, our board certified dental implants surgeon, Dr. Anthony Lizano, can provide multiple tooth replacements with dental implants to give you a complete and healthy smile.

A Lasting Replacement For Missing Teeth

Traditional bridges and partial and complete dentures can replace your teeth, but they are related to some disadvantages. The bone loss that happens with tooth loss will continue and cause changes in your gums and jaw. Dental implants, on the other hand, replace the missing tooth roots, which stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss. Dental implants can support extensive restorations, so Dr. Lizano can place a custom prosthetic to meet your unique needs. Moreover, you do not need an implant for every missing tooth. Instead, as minor as two to four strategically placed implants can support a dental bridge, partial denture, and even complete dentures. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Anthony Lizano can determine the number of dental implants needed to keep your restoration.

Multiple Tooth Replacement And Dental Implants

If you are missing one to multiple teeth in a row or have missing teeth randomly throughout your smile, dental implants are a perfect solution for you. If you have a full arch of missing teeth, implants can also replace those. The process begins with an in-depth consultation and evaluation with Dr. Lizano. He will take a set of images: digital X-rays and other scans. Some patients require a bone graft before implant surgery if they have lost bone tissue. Dr. Anthony Lizano will plan your treatment once he clears you for surgery. The implants are surgically placed or set strategically in the jawbone to provide a strong foundation for dental restorations. Patients may qualify for the All-on-4 method. The all-on-4 approach means Dr. Lizano can place and restore your implants in the same dental appointment. If you do not qualify for All-on-4, you must wait three to six months before having your final restorations set in place. This extended healing time allows the implants to fuse with your jawbone during osseointegration. Once you have healed, Dr. Lizano can affix a dental bridge if you need to replace multiple missing teeth in a row. He can also place a dental implant-supported partial denture if you have spontaneous gaps in your smile. To return a full arch of missing teeth, he offers implant-supported dentures.

Schedule A Consultation

If you have multiple missing teeth, contact our dental implant surgeon at (925) 838-1109 to schedule a consultation to be evaluated for multiple teeth replacement surgery. Our board certified dental implant surgeon, Dr. Lizano performs surgeries for patients with missing teeth from Danville, Alamo, San Ramon and throughout the East Bay and Bay Area.